Lindee Link Song in Movie Staring Tara Reid and Quinton Aaron!

Lindee Lends Voice to Raise Money for Charity

A Cambridge schoolboy has created a viral music hit on Youtube to raise thousands of pounds for charity.

Callum Irving, 12, collaborated with his online friends to write a Minecraft themed video to support homeless charity Wintercomfort.

The Chesterton Community College student is a huge fan of Minecraft, an online game that allows users to create 3D worlds, and his parody song has reached almost eight million views on Youtube.

The 'Mine Song' lyrics are brought to life by Youtube singer Lindee Link, a 22-year-old Texan and 23-year-old German animator Blue Jerome.

So far the video has generated around £1,000 to go towards supporting Wintercomfort's work.

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Since 2011, Lindee Link as been recognized as one of Minecon's official Youtube vocal performers for their wildly successful video game "Minecraft".  Lindee has re-written and performed over 40 songs and received millions of views. Her beautiful, polished, and enchanting voice has made her super popular among the gaming community. In 2014, Lindee received the prestigious honor of being invited to perform at Minecon's annual conference held in Miami, Fl. The 2015 event was held in London, England where Lindee had the privilege of performing in front of a record breaking audience  of over 15,000 attendees. 

YOUTUBE sings "artist of the month"

Just a few years after joining Youtube, Lindee Link has already accumulated over 10 million views on her YouTube Channel and more than 100,000 subscribers globally. In November, Lindee was named YouTube artist of the month. This was an amazing accomplishment and Lindee thanks each and every person that has taken the time to watch her videos. 


ReverbNation, launched in 2006, is an online platform that provides tools and opportunities for musicians to manage their careers. Since joining this platform, Lindee consistently ranks as one of the top artists in the Atlanta pop market.  Currently she's holding the #2 spot.